Gary Geller

President and Founder of Lasertron

Gary Geller, President and Founder of Lasertron, graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. After college he was recruited by Motorola Corporation for their high-tech engineering team. After a decade, giving in to his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Lasertron which continues to grow and evolve.

Now and Before

History of Lasertron
Established in 1979, Lasertron has become the premier manufacturer of Stainless Steel architectural elements, and a pioneer in Decorative Architectural Steel in the United States. Housed in its own 19,000 sq ft facility in Sunrise, Florida, Lasertron is on the cutting edge of technology while constantly maintaining an environmentally green facility.

Recognized as America's premier manufacturer and supplier of premium decorative stainless steel Lasertron is able to fulfill any design specifications for Stainless Steel architectural elements and cabinets. From simple brushed design, glass, etched, or even incorporating your artwork, Lasertron will produce your project to custom specifications. Once you see our installations, the quality, beauty, and design of our projects is apparent.
Laserron is a green manufacturing facility

The only limitation is your imagination


  • You made several cabinets for us last year. It still looks fabulous and fits the opening like a glove"

    Jean C., NJ

  • Your product is far superior to any available from the other manufacturers"

    Dom I., USA

  • Exactly on schedule everything was delivered and it was easily installed. I would highly recommend your products and really appreciate the great customer service"

    Craig & Carolyn D., CA

  • So stainless is a super alternative to match modern appliances, instead of matching the old cabinets"

    John Q.,, USA